The Modern Datacenter 3 Change is the only Constant. It applies to every aspect of our lives including the technology we empower and that which empowers us. Evolution of Data Center technologies over the past 10 years has been so fascinating, rapid and very dynamic.

We are in the middle of the next Industrial revolution where Digitization is fueling the growth of modern economy. Digitization is driving growth of business by empowering their customers with all the right information at the right time through all the right mediums which empowers them to take the right decisions. And this is what drives the tremendous growth inside the data center. For example, in the compute space we have moved from discrete servers to blade servers to Converged Infrastructure system to Hyper Converged infrastructure systems. The modern storage systems are driven by Flash drives than the traditional hard disks to ensure we deliver more performance with less HDDs and that means greener data centers! We have moved from centralization of data to data being local! What’s right today probably wouldn’t be right tomorrow and that’s the age we are living in.

There are a lot of thoughts and guidance on what the pillars of modern data center are from different industry leaders, observers etc.  I believe in the below from a customer / administrator stand-point. Would try to cover most of them so that I can share my perspective and get to hear from my peers on their perspective.

  • Software Defined Datacenter resulting in consumption of commodity hardware
  • Modular Architecture for Hardware – Scale out on demand. Build with HA.
  • Cloud Strategy – Adoption of Public Cloud which is major contributor for advancement in the above since all OEMs wants to stay relevant to the customer
  • Make Applications Cloud Native.  Build applications Availability aware. (Say NO to Legacy!)
  • Monitoring Analytics for the Infrastructure layer to proactively predict

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