Have you signed up for Public vSphere BETA yet ?

Couple of days back was excited to see about VMware’s announcement on the launch of the vSphere Beta Program. Unlike previous vSphere beta programs from VMware , no longer is a nomination required to participate and test the World’s most trusted platform for Virtualization ! The vSphere Beta is open to the public to sign up and allows beta participants to help VMware define the direction for vSphere platform. Its great to see everyone get a chance to download , test and play around with exciting new features & capabilities of your vSphere ! Why should you be part of the Beta Program ? Receive early access to the vSphere Beta products Gain early knowledge of and visibility into product roadmap Interact with the vSphere Beta team consisting of Product Managers, Engineers, Technical Support, and Technical Writers Provide direct input on product functionality, configurability, usability, and performance Provide feedback influencing future products, training, documentation, and services Collaborate with other participants, learn about their use cases, and share advice and learning’s. How do you participate ? Sign up & Join the vSphere Beta Program today here Log in with your My VMware account. Once you have an account and are logged in, please accept the Master Software Beta Test Agreement (MSBTA) […]

Understanding vSphere5 Licensing & Changes 2

Note : VMware has updated their Licensing policy and please find the updated details in this Blog-Post. With announcement of vSphere5 suite of products  , VMware also introduced changes in licensing policy & vSphere editions that would be available for customers. One must admit that this was coming with the x86 technology evolving at a rapid pace with number of Cores per processor and Size of RAM modules and DIMM slots available increasing in the x86 Servers. What are the major changes ? vSphere 5 licenses would be ” Per Processor ( Physical CPU) with vRAM entitlements” Advanced Edition that was available with vSphere 4 has been removed and all customers with vSphere 4 Advanced license with active SnS would be auto upgraded to vSphere5 Enterprise. Unlike vSphere4 , There are no more restriction on number of cores that is supported per processor or amount of physical RAM that is supported on a Server vRAM Entitlements for various vSphere Editions ( Managed by a single instance of vCenter Server or by multiple instances of vCenter Server in Linked Mode) are as follows Standard – 24 GB RAM per Processor Enterprise – 32 GB RAM per Processor Enterprise Plus – 48 GB RAM per Processor Essential & Essential Plus –  24 […]

Links for your vSphere 5 Appetit 3

Its been exactly 24 hours since vSphere 5 was launched officially and VMware Virtualization community has responded as only it can . Blog posts on vSphere 5 has been pouring left , right and Center , from all parts of the world and instead of adding to the information storm , In this post i have tried to collect a list of useful Links to vSphere 5 resources and would try my best to keep them updated in the coming days. Blogs – Tons of information on vSphere 5  From the Master Duncan Epping : http://www.yellow-bricks.com/ For everything EMC & vSphere 5, Chad Sakac: http://virtualgeek.typepad.com/ Posts on New vSphere Products with short Videos , Eric Sloof : http://www.ntpro.nl/blog/ vSphere5 & VDI : http://myvirtualcloud.net/ All stuff related to Training on vSphere 5: http://vmwaretraining.blogspot.com/ VMware ESXi Chronicles : http://blogs.vmware.com/esxi/ VMware vSphere Blog:  http://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/ VMware HA  : http://blogs.vmware.com/uptime/ From the Blogosphere – VMware vSphere 5.0 – What’s New & Exciting VMware vSphere 5 -The BIG feature list vSphere 5 – Virtualize Business Critical Applications with Confidence vSphere 5.0 Datastore Clusters & VDI Virtualization Wars: Episode V – VMware Strikes Back VMware vSphere can virtualize itself + 64-bit nested guests  Introducing Virtual NUMA in vSphere 5 Multi-NIC vMotion support […]