Memory Management in vSphere 4.1 1

VMware vSphere is definitely the most efficient Hypervisor in managing the Hardware resources of the host like CPU,Memory,Storage and Network . Understanding how these resources are efficiently managed by the Hypervisor would help Virtualization Administrators efficiently plan and manage their environment . This post is to give a basic idea on various components involved and the memory management techniques employed by VMware vSphere 4.1 . This blog is based on the Memory Resource Mangement in vSphere 4.1 white paper by VMware . Please note that each Virtual machine’s target memory allocation is dynamic and is dependent on current load on the host and memory allocated to the Virtual machine along with its associated parameters like Shares , Reservation and Limits .        Below are certain terminologies commonly used in VMware ESX whose understanding would help administrators understand these techniques better   Host Physical memory – Amount of memory available on the host that is visible to the hypervisor. Guest Physical memory -Amount of memory that is visible to a guest OS running inside a VM. Consumed memory – This is the amount of host memory that has been allocated to a Virtual machine . Active memory – This is the amount of guest memory that is actively used by the applications and guest OS . Guest level paging -Transfer of […]