One Click Upgrade with NSX (GI) on Nutanix

What’s One Click Upgrade? One of the most pain-point in any infrastructure is the periodic firmware updates to the underlying infrastructure. In addition to being a painful process, this is a very time consuming activity. One of the Coolest feature of Nutanix systems has been 1 Click Upgrade where the entire update process for NOS, NCC, Hypervisor and firmware can be automated. 1 Click update is a non-disruptive process where there is no downtime required and is a completely seamless automatic rolling update process. It also runs set of pre-checks and post-checks to ensure the health status of the cluster and that’s Cool! Note: One Click upgrade for firmware doesn’t work across all hardware OEMs and in some cases is work in progress. What’s NSX Guest Introspection Guest introspection is a service that is deployed from NSX Manager to offload security functions to a dedicated security appliance on each hypervisor host in a VMware environment thereby removing the need for an AV agent within the guest operating system. Using the Guest Introspection driver baked into VMware Tools and a third-party service virtual machine, such as McAfee MOVE, all virtual machines are protected by real-time inspection as soon as they are […]