Nutanix Technology Champion (NTC) 2017

2016 has been the Year of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure with so much choices and capabilities from different players towards the customers. Still reminded of the VMworld at San Francisco visiting Simplivty when they were just coming out of stealth and even wondering if this was realistically possible and here i am writing post on Hyper-Convergence as a Nutanix Technology Champion !

What is NTC ?

This program recognizes Nutanix and Enterprise Cloud experts for their ongoing and consistent contributions to the community and industry. It also provides them with unique opportunities to further expand their knowledge, amplify their brand, help shape the future of the Enterprise Cloud.


  • Early access briefings about Nutanix products and announcements
  • Access to private betas and insight into ongoing product development
  • Participation in exclusive meetings with engineering teams
  • Access to discussions on the Nutanix NTC slack channel with internal teams
  • Support of individuals in pursuit of Nutanix Platform Professional (NPP) Certification
  • Mentorship for those seeking Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX) career development
  • Exclusive guest blogging and speaking opportunities

For at least couple of years, I have been following – Simplivty , Nutanix & VSAN on the Hyper-Convergence space along with the advancements that has been happening on each of them slowly but steadily. Have spent better part of my 2016 on various Solution Design on Hyper-Converged Infrastructure ranging from On-Prem Cloud workloads to VDI. This led to Nutanix Platform Professional (NPP) in 2016 and nominated myself for NTC Program as well. I have also summarized below on criteria for becoming a NTC so that you can prepare yourself to be a NTC and Please do let me know for any assistance that is required.

I strongly believe in “Learn & Share” and that’s the only was we can grow as a community.

How do you become One :


  • Nutanix and Enterprise Cloud product expertise, including technical knowledge about other products from VMware, Docker, Citrix, Microsoft, Dell, OpenStack, SAP, Puppet, etc.
  • Related industry awards and technical certifications
  • Nutanix and Enterprise Cloud community contributions via blogs, articles, webinars, social media, and the Next Community
  • Nutanix and Enterprise Cloud education and support in the field
  • Industry user group and community event leadership

Proud to be part of NTC Program in 2017 and want to use this opportunity  to share my learning on HCI to the community at large.

Be Social, Be Responsible !

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